Financial literacy is an essential life skill. Teaching children how to manage money will help them throughout their lives.

Over the past few months, we have been speaking with parents and guardians to understand their challenges with respect to empowering their children about money. Three things were clear:

  • Many parents and guardians as just getting a hang of their financial life, hence may not be as confident to be positive financial influences for their children
  • Parents want children who are kind and have a healthy mindset about money. As many said, “Money is not everything but it is important”.
  • Parents want their children to be able to sustain and also multiply the wealth they eventually leave hand over to them when they become adults

To enable parents in their journey to secure their children’s financial future, we are providing a library of financial lessons for children that will be focused on teaching children various money and financial concepts in an ethical and relatable manner.

Free financial wellness lessons for children have launched!

Click here for our library of financial wellness lessons for children aged 5-14 in our Knowledge Center

Click to start watching lessons for The Cycle of Money

These first set of lessons are focused on:

  • introducing children to a simplified and step-by-step order in which money flows in and out of the household.

Our lessons feature a main character called Zuri and her cousin who tend to ask their parents and any adult in sight burning questions. Get a feel of Zuri below:

1. Introduction - The Cycle of Money 2. Concept of Earning 2. Concept of Earning

We are hoping that these free lessons provide

  • a springboard for children to understand money concepts that will set them up for success and feel confident in their abilities to make decisions around it when the time comes
  • a basis by which parents can further conversations about money in the home

Hopefully, we raise little ones with a healthy financial foundation that can live their dream without fear of their future.

We hope you enjoy leveraging these lessons. We love your feedback


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